The Company


GARDEN STATE ENGINEERING, SURVEYING AND PLANNING, INC. (GSESP) is a privately owned firm of Engineers, Land Surveyors, Scanning Technicians, Designers and CAD Technicians.

Established as a Professional Services surveying company in 1990, We are a highly focused and experienced surveying and engineering company. The firm has grown to engage in all aspects of surveying, scanning and both civil and structural engineering insights. We have become one of the largest firms providing such services in the New Jersey, New York metropolitan area and presence in Pennsylvania, LA and Ohio.

The firm provides professional services in the Engineering, Surveying and Construction fields to a diversified clientele, including governmental agencies (federal, state, DOTs, environmental, transit, ferries, etc), utility generation and transmission, energy (including emerging), industrial, and commercial clients.

From its inception, GSESP has been a client-oriented company with a focus on business integrity, quality, timely, and efficient work, with an emphasis on practical solutions to construction, design and land boundary problems.

GSESP combines the professional and technical skills of our employees to achieve a high level of client satisfaction, in order to develop a large base of repeat clients. We are proud of the fact that a large percentage of our business is derived from referrals of satisfied clients.

GSESP offers experience, responsiveness and dedication, as we strive for excellence in our field.

GSESP’s team consists of experienced professional civil and structural engineers, surveyors, inspectors, planners, estimators, scanners and CAD designers. The firm can handle projects of any size: from large assignments, where we can use our experienced senior managers and design engineers, to small projects, where we can keep close contact with the client and respond quickly to client’s needs.

With Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors licensed in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut and a number of other states and countries, GSESP is uniquely positioned to service clients throughout the tri-state area. GSESP uses the most modern total station with recon instruments for terrestrial surveys and construction layouts, and GPS technology for horizontal control and larger survey projects.

Garden State’s Engineering Department has participated in transportation projects (highways, roadways, railways, etc.), structural projects (bridges, buildings, coal plants, sewer treatment plants, energy and transmission plants, co-generation plants, refrigeration plant, underground structures, etc.), civil projects (demolition, grading, paving, drainage, MPT, landfill management, parking lots, etc.) providing Consultative Services.

Garden State’s Engineers have provided civil engineering services, including recommendations pertaining to demolition, grading, paving, drainage, MPT, and landfill management. We have provided civil and structural engineering design for bridges, highways, railroads, coal plants, sewer treatment plants, energy and transmission plants, co-generation plants, refrigeration plants, and underground structures. Our work has included recommendations of all phases of project inception through construction phase services.

In addition our structural engineering expertise is fairly unique and addresses certain aspects of construction engineering providing consulting insights and recommendations of means, methods and controls in site management. This includes but not limited to suggestions for structural work for demolition, which includes checking existing structure for loads imposed by construction equipment, thereby supporting the construction means and methods.

This is significant since many large scale engineering designs of buildings, roadways and other structures may expressly exclude means and methods suggestions from the scope, because they are not directly working or supporting contractors with these consulting services.


Surveying Capabilities

Garden State Engineering, Surveying and Planning, Inc.’s Survey Department is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment, which consists of: Leica Total Station Instruments (TCR403, TCR1103/1105 and TCRP 1201) with Recon Data Collectors.

In addition, GSESP has in-house capabilities of providing GPS surveying and high-definition laser scanning. Survey data collection, reduction and data processing capability is accomplished with Leica Total Stations in combination with recon electronic field books. The Recon Data Collector enables all field data to be transferred digitally to AutoCAD or Intergraph Computer Systems.

If aerial survey is used, our field survey personnel can perform aerial control and field edit, using instruments capable of electronically transferring data collected in the field into the computer, where electronic file of aerial mapping is stored. Final mapping can then be prepared and delivered in AutoCAD or Micro Station formats.

Our CAD facilities and equipment utilized for survey/mapping functions consist of: Network Work Stations loaded with AutoCAD, Micro Station and all civil engineering modules with full plotting, scanning and reproducing capabilities.


Engineering Capabilities

GSESP provides a full range of engineering consulting services—from transportation on bridge and roadway design to railway stations, as well as platform, industrial, and energy and transmission projects.

GSESP also does work on residential and commercial projects, including site plan design, building and foundation design, and new and retrofit design of existing structures.