375 9th Avenue Manhattan West Platform – 214 West 29th Street

Project Overview :

Brookfield Properties recently completed a 2.6-acre, 120,000-square-foot platform over the railroad tracks west of Penn Station. The new platform, costing over $680 million will serve as the foundation for the $4.5 billion Manhattan West project.

Working above active railroad tracks day and night, workers placed 16 pre-cast, post-tensioned, long-span box girder spans above active electrified rail lines. Each span measured 36 feet wide and 240 feet in length and weighed about 2100 tons.

Garden State provided horizontal and vertical control as well as measurements of each member before and after rounds of stressing. An as-built survey was performed at the initial placement of each span, after tensioning of the span and again after a concrete load was added. Detailed readings were provided for horizontal and vertical positions.

The field crew often worked around the clock, and had to maintain coordination to schedule survey work around train schedules. When completed, Manhattan West will be made up of two office towers that will stand 60 stories tall, retail space and a 2-acre park that will have community programming.

There are also plans to build an 800-unit residential tower and a five-star boutique hotel. The first office tower is expected to finish in 2018.

Service: Survey

Sector: Construction, Commercial / Industrial, Railroads, Office / Residential Hi-Rise