Bronx-Whitestone Bridge – Replacement of the Bronx Approach

Project Overview :

The four-year project, which started in the spring of 2009, was divided into three stages to widen the roadway and supporting structure of the Bronx approach. The entire existing roadway of the Bronx side of the bridge was completely replaced, resulting in a completely new structure for the entire 1800-foot long Bronx approach to the bridge including foundations and 15 double-arched concrete piers to support the widened roadway, constructed of steel girders and concrete deck. Included in the improvements is an upgrade that will widen the roadway to 12 lanes.

Garden State, working closely with Conti of New York, provided surveying and structural engineering services. Garden State surveyors recovered existing control and set-up new horizontal and vertical control, obtained topographic survey of the existing ground, roadway and any structure that will be utilized during the construction and provided construction survey throughout all phases of the construction.

Garden State engineers designed temporary shoring systems to support construction in 6 stages. Challenges include joining existing structure to the new deck at certain stages, since elevations and deflections of the two deck systems were different. Garden State also designed the salt dome foundations, and miscellaneous shielding and shoring throughout construction.

Service: Surveying, Structural Engineering

Sector: Bridges/Tunnels, Construction Services