General Electric Linden VFT Facility

Project Overview :

This $28 million project created a Variable Frequency Transformer (VFT) facility that transformed 300 megawatts of power from a 230,000 volt substation to 345,000 volt power required for the City of New York. The converted power is transmitted through existing facilities from the Linden CoGen Facility.

The project included excavation, piles, structures, oil and storm water separators, fire protection systems and associated electrical components. Garden State provided engineering and surveying services for the design/build project.

The engineering services included the structural and civil design of: steel building supporting equipment on the roof and 110 Ton Gantry Crane, pile foundations for the building and transformers and drainage and final grading and paving.

The surveying services included control, layout and as-built surveys.

Service: Surveying, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering

Sector: Utilities, Commercial / Industrial