Montclair State University

Project Overview :

This public-private joint venture enabled the University to replace its current heating and cooling system without construction funding ($90 million) being required of either the University or the State of New Jersey.

The new generating plant provides natural gas-fired electricity, chilled water, and steam for heat. The steam, condensate, and chilled water are delivered to and returned from campus buildings via a new campus-wide energy distribution system. The onsite plant provides the majority of the campus’ electricity requirements, operating continuously to produce approximately 5.4 megawatts.

Teaming with DCO Energy LLC/Joseph Jingoli & Son, Garden State provided topographical and design support surveys, lease line and easement mapping, as well as construction layout and as-built surveys for all piping and utilities. Garden State is also the Engineer of Record for the design of the heating and cooling water supply routing throughout the entire University Campus.

Garden State also designed retaining wall structures, street grading and relocation of existing utilities.

Service: Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

Sector: Commercial / Industrial, Utilities, Construction