Route US 1 & 9 (Pulaski Skyway) (CCA Civil Inc.)

Project Overview :

The Pulaski Skyway is a four-lane bridge in the northeastern part of the State of New Jersey, carrying a freeway designated (US 1/9). The structure is approximately 3.5 miles in length, with its longest span at 550 feet. Traffic conditions and the state of the bridge, originally built in 1932, have made the Skyway obsolete.

Garden State Engineering, Surveying and Planning, Inc. mobilized two (2) crews for China Construction to provide the horizontal and vertical controls, as-built of the existing steel structure, layout of the proposed steel girders, and proposed prefab deck panels, elevations of the proposed panels, haunch grades, curb layouts and curb grades, etc.

Sector: Roadways/ Transportation, Bridge/ Tunnel