World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center

Project Overview :

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey commissioned the construction of the World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center and Tour Bus Parking Facility (VSC). The VSC will function as part of the comprehensive, state-of-the-art plan for the screening of buses, trucks and cars entering the WTC and its parking facilities through the basement level.

This below-grade structure requires a five-story deep basement with connecting ramps into the “West Bathtub Area”, which includes the 9/11 Memorial Site and Museum, the new Tower One and the PATH subway line. The VSC will utilize the latest technologies, including vehicle scanning systems, vehicle arrest devices, control gates and closed-circuit television, surveillance system, as well as security booths and an operations office.

Garden State provided survey control, construction layout, utility location, three-dimensional scanning and quantity surveys.

Service: Surveying, Scanning

Sector: Commercial / Industrial, Utilities, Office / Residential Hi-Rise, Transportation