Railroads, once a presumed secondary form of transportation, is currently going through a considerable resurgence. The U.S. rail network are made up of more than 160,000 miles of track, 76,000 rail bridges, and 800 tunnels across the nation that are shared by all operators moving freight and passengers.

In a heavy urban area like the New York Metro area, the movement of people and commerce relies heavily on this form of transportation and it’s resurgence is vital to this region’s economy. The New York Metro area has many agencies and companies handling their rails including Amtrak, NJ Transit, MTA (NYCTA, Metro North and LIRR), PANYNJ, CSX, Norfolk Southern and SEPTA.

Garden State has years of survey and engineering experience working with these agencies and companies to upgrade their rail infrastructure. From being the designer of record on the Northeast Corridor Platforms for Amtrak to surveying tunnels for the NYCTA on the East Side Access project, Garden State’s knowledge of the rails and stations throughout the region is unique among the rest.

View our list of projects where Garden State’s expertise has successfully contributed to the improvement of this growing transportation alternative.

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