Sanela Domitrovic

Senior Project Manager

Mrs. Domitrovic has over 10 years of both national and international experience in multiple areas of structural, civil and environmental engineering as well as project management. Specialized in structural design of concrete buildings, geotechnical structures and environmental protection structures. Extensive experience in civil and environmental engineering management and construction, residential, commercial and environmental permitting and survey data preparation and processing. She is knowledgeable of engineering/surveying computer software such as Autodesk AUTOCAD, Civil 3D and REVIT, Leica Cyclone, Microsoft Office Package.

Several noteworthy projects include:

  • Construction of Hudson Yards Tower A and Vessel, New York, NY
  • Construction of NY Proton Therapy, New York, NY
  • Construction and rehabilitation of Route 1&9 and Haynes Avenue, Newark, NJ
  • Construction and rehabilitation of Pier 53, 54, 55 and 57, New York, NY
  • Construction of County Waste Management Center Mariscina, Rijeka, Croatia
  • Construction of Waste Management Center Kastijun, Pula, County of Istria, Croatia
  • Construction of the drainage system of bridges Vrgorac, Lucka, Dusina, Otric Seoci, Struge
  • Brecici and Kula witihn the construction of the A1 highway Ravca – Ploce, Croatia
  • Construction of the drainage system of Viaduct „Sveta Trojica“ Rijeka bypass, Sveti Kuzam – Krizisce, Croatia
  • Construction, maintenance and management of facilitiles of landfill Jakusevec, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Remediation of degassing sysetm of cells 1 – 4, landfill Jakusevec, Zagreb, Croatia

Sanela Domitrovic has a B.S. Civil Engineering from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.